The ultimate conspiracy theory

Government is a conspiracy theory, proliferated by the upper echelons of the criminal caste, for the express purpose of enabling the commission of the crimes committed thereby, and the creation of new opportunities to commit even more crimes by proxy. This astounding tool of the criminal trade is sold as beneficent to the masses, so as to achieve ever greater heights of theft, rape and murder with, at once, greater transparency, greater secrecy, AND greater security of pillage and plunder than would otherwise be possible to these criminals were they left to the means of the average thief, rapist or murderer.

This conspiracy theory concatenates most of the criminal class outside of the upper echelons into a cohesive organization, allowing otherwise latent criminal desires possessed by those of limited morality to be acted upon with near impunity, by virtue of their belief that they are the ‘peace-keepers’ of society, when in actuality they are a part of the decay destroying any concept of peaceful civilization. Further, this conspiracy theory engages the criminal desire in us all, by inciting us to call on this organization to rain violence upon our neighbors for perceived slights, and, in the name of doublethink, we do.

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